New site, who dis?

Hey all! I fiiinaly have the new site up and running. I’m copypasting part of the note from the old site, because it’s still relevant.

From hereon I’ll be going professionally and personally by Robin (They/Them). All of my old stuff will… not say Robin. I’ll fix it eventually. Digging through the Internet also isn’t going to happen because I don’t have control over any of that, but if you see a site that calls me by t’other name, pop them a quick email or send a message to me so I can contact them and see about getting it fixed.

I’m excited to start on this new journey and I hope to have some gender blarg comics about it all eventually.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Update March 2021.

I thought this was clear, but apparently this is not. Do not reference me by my old name. I am not ‘Formerly known as’. I am Robin.

The pandemic and working full time has made it difficult to update everything. If you have time and wish to help, please feel free to go through my gallery, download the art, change old name to robin on both name and email address and pop it in a dropbox. It would help me a ton.

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  1. It’s cool to see you still drawing! I remember your art from way back in the day – like when you first graduated with a bio degree, I think it was? And trans? That’s a big deal! Anyways, it’s cool to see that you have been busy over the years and such.

    Take care, and good luck on your journey!


    Farlo Feydragon

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