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Completed 501st project helmet!

My helmet is complete and I am able to post it. I’m sending the process to the 501st Project website so they can spill all those details, but here are the pics and some info:


Materials used:

  • Ceramcoat paint (lots and lots)
  • Pigeon feathers (picked up off the ground)
  • leather cord
  • dollar store faux tribal necklace for the beads
  • Air dry clay
  • faux suede (I wanted another colour, but it was on for next to nothing a yard, and this was all they had left)

Check out the 501st project site for more details!

Jaxxon Mighty Muggs Strikes Back!

I was honoured to be asked to participate in the ‘Empire Muggs Back’ charity fundraiser for Lucasfilm.

This Jaxxon Mighty Mugg will be for sale at San Diego Comiccon at the Lucasfilm booth, and all proceeds will go towards the Make A Wish foundation.

For those of you who don’t know, Jaxxon is a 6 foot tall jack rabbit scoundrel from the Marvel Star Wars comic books, so I felt it would just be awesome to turn him into a Mugg.

The lines are a little wobbly, acrylic isn’t my forte, but I had a lot of fun with him 🙂 I learned a lot of things that will help me with my TK project helmet, for sure.

Jaxxon Mighty Muggs Final

Mighty Muggs Back

Behind the break is how I did it!

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Stuff For Sale!

BookmarksGood news everyone, I’ve got some leftovers from my con season for sale. Prices do not include shipping except for the sketchbook

  • Bookmarks: $1 each or both for $1.75
  • Postcards: $1 each
  • Magnets: 75¢ each (Only 3 polar bear, 1 night elf moonkin and 2 Tauren Moonkin Left!)
  • Stickers: 25¢ each or all four for 75¢
  • Charms: $5 each
  • 2008 Convention Sketch Book: $9 – Includes a Sketch and shipping of everything else in your order, except charms –  add $2 if you order a charm.

All Prices in USD. For everything except a charm or sketchbook, please add $1.50 shipping US/Canada or $2.50 International. Charm shipping is $4 US/Canada, $6 international and includes everything else in your order.

Comment or send me an email if you’d like something.

Photos of everything else behind the cut!

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Finally! A new flyingarmadillo.com site

Now that I have WordPress tamed, here’s an official welcome to the new site!

This coming weekend I’ll be appearing at Calgary Comic Expo – look for me at table A19. I’ll have lots of goodies to sell, including these awesome postcards:


And I’ll also have some awesome little Ewok and Dragon charms for $5 each (Cat hair not included):


Because this was lost when I moved the old site, I will be participating in the 501st TK project and making an awesome helmet for charity.

To find out more, visit the 501st TK blog 🙂 Welcome to the new site! I hope you like it!