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Convention leftovers and books for Sale!


I am done with the convention, and I have leftovers for sale.

For anything flat + the magnets, combined shipping is $3.00 US/Canada, $5 International

For the charms I need to get some shipping quotes – but it’ll be inexpensive if you don’t live in Canada.

First off, Sketch books:

2010 Sketch Book – $10 including a sketch!

2008 Sketch book (Limited quantities) – $5 Including a sketch

Other stuff:

How Harold Got His Wings – $10 (Includes a sketch)

Bookmarks (All laminated) – $1 each

Postcards – $1 each

Mini Magnets – $3 each, two for $5,  Four or more are $2 each.

Sculpey Charms – $5 each.

Sketch cards – Moonkin ($20) and Neville ($10) are the only ones available.

Fatty Magnet original art – $15 for all four.

If you are seeing this from a feed and the gallery doesn’t show, please visit the original blog post to see photos.

Pre con teaser post! Artwork!

As I have to finish a whack of my Clone Wars cards prior to going to the con, here is a teaser of art so I don’t forget to post it.

How Harold Got His Wings

This is the cover for the book! For the final piece I plan on spending about a month doing watercolour studies for painting the Northern Lights. Or I might do the entire book as my first fully digitally painted product. The book at the con has a colour cover, B&W innards.


2010 Convention Sketchbook

Full of a bunch of never seen before arts and a few old favourites.


Aaaand, finally:

Mini Magnets. These little tiny round disks have been painstakingly cut out by hand and are assembled behind a glass bead thing. I’m selling ’em for $3 or 2 for $5 because they are quite the labour intensive little things. I will have a larger version of the illustrator icons in my digital art gallery post con.

mini-magnetsI hope to see you guys there!

Stuff For Sale!

BookmarksGood news everyone, I’ve got some leftovers from my con season for sale. Prices do not include shipping except for the sketchbook

  • Bookmarks: $1 each or both for $1.75
  • Postcards: $1 each
  • Magnets: 75¢ each (Only 3 polar bear, 1 night elf moonkin and 2 Tauren Moonkin Left!)
  • Stickers: 25¢ each or all four for 75¢
  • Charms: $5 each
  • 2008 Convention Sketch Book: $9 – Includes a Sketch and shipping of everything else in your order, except charms –  add $2 if you order a charm.

All Prices in USD. For everything except a charm or sketchbook, please add $1.50 shipping US/Canada or $2.50 International. Charm shipping is $4 US/Canada, $6 international and includes everything else in your order.

Comment or send me an email if you’d like something.

Photos of everything else behind the cut!

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An art post for you all!

I’ll have more soon, including unearthing the previously unscanned sketches. OoOooOo!

This Harold was originally going to be part of my site design, but I decided that simple was better. He lives on as an illustration instead: