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Women of Wonder 2011 art – Cheetara

For the past few years I’ve contributed various Wonder Woman themed piecesย for Wonder Woman Day in Portland. This year the event has opened up to different female characters, so I chose one of my old favourites – Cheetara. I am a fan of her old, campy outfit. While the new Cheetara is certainly awesome, I am not a fan of her proportions or revealing costume, so I thought I would kick it up oldschool. Thundercats, HO! To get more info, visit the Women of Wonder site.

So here we are. Cheetara!


CCEE, here I come – next week

CCEE has posted their program book, which has a little picture of my artbook contribution in it, so I figure it’s officially safe to show it off. Please, if you’re going to CCEE, pick up one of the artbooks! Proceeds this year go to Make a Wish. Bring it to my table and I’ll sign it, and people who come by with an artbook will get a free postcard or trading card. I am at P09 in the writer/artist guest area, not in the Artist Alley, so come and find me!


The artbook piece is adobe photoshop and to accompany the original, I am very likely going to get a poster printed for the auction.

Hope to see you all in Calgary!

CCEE artbook art is done

To be fair to the CCEE people, I won’t be posting the final until shortly before I leave for Calgary, or while I am there ๐Ÿ™‚ I took the rough and went crazy, it looks completely awesome and I honestly wish I could show it off now. I used a few new techniques in photoshop using shapes and textures and a multitude of new brushes.

So, look out for the art, it’ll be here eventually. For now I need to draw some art that I *CAN* show off!

501st helmet and ewok love buzz!

Celebration V is happening and I am sad to be missing it, but I’m loving the press the 501st helmets are getting.

Cnet has my helmet featured in the photo gallery on this post (With my name misspelled, but I have sent an email to the author)

Starwars.com featured my helmet and a bunch of other sweet ones in their artist roundup!

For those of you who missed it, this is the helmet I customized for the 501st project – for Make A Wish foundation!


Interview on Starwars.com regarding my Mighty Muggs

Awesome stuff! I’ve been picked as the featured Muggs artist today on Starwars.com.

Not only that, but this is a sweet professional photograph of Jaxxon, post glazing, so he’s nice and shiny ๐Ÿ˜€