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Batman: The Legend Sketch Cards

I have been granted permission to post all my batman cards. I have them all up in my Batman:The Legend gallery, but I have included most of them in this post!

First, my fave Manbat, and then the rest. I will probably feature a card or two every now an then that has a story attached to it. The story with this Manbat is that I have always loved Manbat, and I just wanted to do something awesome.







Na na na na na na na na Batman!

I totally can’t believe I forgot to post this. These are the first 9 cards I am allowed to show for my Batman; The Legend gig.

I was super excited to be a part of this!

Batman Sketch Cards

Once I can show more, I will show more. I have to wait for the official OK of the Art Director.

Also, have a pantsless dwarf drinking with a paladin.


And as a happy note, I keep forgetting to post this, I will be a guest at WizardWorld; Chicago next year. I also plan on attending Calgary Comic Expo after missing it last year.

Holy update, Batman

That secret set I have been alluding to for a while has been announced, but  I have to tease you all a little with the details before I am allowed to post my cards. I am a sketch card artist on the DC Comics Batman: The Legend card set. As soon as I can, I will post some cards. I feel humbled in the presence of many of the artists on that list and I hope to do more superhero stuff in the future.

I finished this fabulous return card for Star Wars Galactic Files fan James.


If you are interested in a custom return, I am asking $125 per card. No more than two characters. Unless it’s Ewoks or Jawas. I will draw as many of those on a card as I can fit.

I also drew this Rockin’ Dragon on cardboard who is looking for a home:


I have also added some more art you can get to by perusing my gallery, but they will have a special post of their own later.