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501st helmet and ewok love buzz!

Celebration V is happening and I am sad to be missing it, but I’m loving the press the 501st helmets are getting.

Cnet has my helmet featured in the photo gallery on this post (With my name misspelled, but I have sent an email to the author)

Starwars.com featured my helmet and a bunch of other sweet ones in their artist roundup!

For those of you who missed it, this is the helmet I customized for the 501st project – for Make A Wish foundation!


Completed 501st project helmet!

My helmet is complete and I am able to post it. I’m sending the process to the 501st Project website so they can spill all those details, but here are the pics and some info:


Materials used:

  • Ceramcoat paint (lots and lots)
  • Pigeon feathers (picked up off the ground)
  • leather cord
  • dollar store faux tribal necklace for the beads
  • Air dry clay
  • faux suede (I wanted another colour, but it was on for next to nothing a yard, and this was all they had left)

Check out the 501st project site for more details!

CCEE wrapup

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to say Hi, get your Art Book signed or to buy stuff. My ‘How to Draw Star Wars’ panel was a success, even with an unexpected, yet awesome interruption.

I was made an honourary member of the 501st legion today, it was awesome! This photo is from after the fact, but I have some others coming, I’ve been told.


Thanks to everyone 😀