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Graphic Illustration and Applications

Here are some illustrations produced for projects. They include Illustrator and other computer generated work, as well as real painting and photo montages.

The Ruggies - A professional project done for Terrence A. Yahn (More examples to follow)
Ruggies Cover pencil Crayon, Marker and Ink.

Shakespeare Covers - The illustrations were produced using Corel Painter 6 and the covers were put together using Adobe Illustrator.

Hamlet   macbeth   A Midsummer Night's Dream

You Cannot Hug a Porcupine - This is a children's book I wrote for book illustration class. Here are a few of the illustrations.
Cover Watercolour on Illustration Board
Interior Pages Pencil drawings of some interior pages.

Chiquita Fruit These illustrations were created for mockups of a Chiquita ad for class. Adobe Illustrator 10.

The Unhappy Bear - Children's book cover for Photoshop class. pen & Ink, Photoshop.
Imagination - Photomontage done in photoshop. See the photography section for credit for the photographs.
Christmas Seal entry - Skating Angel. It didn't win, but the competition was very hot! Marker, pencil crayon, photoshop, illustrator, glue stick.

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