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Amara's Cantina

Formerly Amara's Super Silly Homepage

Hey there, I'm Amy Pronovost - artist and graphic designer. Browse the art gallery to see my art, mostly cartoon art but there is also a gallery of fine art.

Visit the Store

Look! I have a store up, you can buy Flying Armadillo Gear as well as some Amara stuff!

Good news!

I have relinked all my old art, you can see it here! Now, I won't be updating this site (As in Supersilly) at all, but I keep it around as it is a good reference for all of you. is where it's at, I'll be putting more art on my blog sometime soon, as well.

If you want to see an archive of my old art all in one place, please visit the artspots yerf directory.

I wanted to change the links to the images but artspots sets the links up in such a way that I can't do a simple search and replace, I'd have to do them all at once.

So long, thanks for all the fish and please visit for your art needs! It'll keep me drawing if you do :D


Barnabus deeem - goat chicken


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