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Custom Sketch Card commissions

Forest ElfGnome and an ElfI’ve had a few commissions, and I have more on the drawing table. Following are some World of Warcraft characters, Hitgirl from Kickass and an elf! Well, iw ould have Hitgirl here, but WordPress appears to be having a fit, so that will come later!



First art of 2012 – Dragon Kitty and a Pony

I’m experimenting with watercolours again. Apparently my muse just needed a break followed by a little artistic freedom. These both use the same palette, but with different results.

Dragon kitty: A commission. negative space is gooood!

Dragon Kitty

And, as a card carrying Brony, I present to you the first colour image of my ponysona – Bacon Sparkles. Yes, I am a nerd. But if ponies keep me drawing, so be it. it isn’t the most challenging of poses, but hey.

Bacon Sparkles - My Little Pony

My LAST finished art of 2011 was also Pony related and in the throes of last minute knitting, I forgot to upload it here. My two favourite ponies, Applejack and Apple Bloom.

Apple Jack and Apple Bloom

Logray and Artoo return on ebay

Hi Folks! I have uploaded my Logray and Artoo Deetoo return card on ebay.


Bid on Artoo and Logray here!

I’ll very likely have another card up today – from my clone wars returns.

Nature and Knitting

I have been drawing, but I’ve also been knitting and hiking. Here are some photos of some recent stuff I’ve been working on, or places I have been.

leafy Blaze

Knitting with a view

Knit BeaverCalm bayKnit Fox

More photos can be found in my Flickr gallery

Off I go!

I am in Pearson Airport and waiting to board my flight to Calgary. I will be setting up tomorrow and ready to meet and greet everyone. My table is P09 and I can’t wait to meet anyone who is coming!

Just come by to say HI, but know that everyone who purchases something will get a free trading card or postcard.

CCEE artbook art is done

To be fair to the CCEE people, I won’t be posting the final until shortly before I leave for Calgary, or while I am there 🙂 I took the rough and went crazy, it looks completely awesome and I honestly wish I could show it off now. I used a few new techniques in photoshop using shapes and textures and a multitude of new brushes.

So, look out for the art, it’ll be here eventually. For now I need to draw some art that I *CAN* show off!

Fan Expo details!

Hey guys and gals! I’ll be at the Toronto Fan Expo this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre – 27th to 29th.

My location is table P6A – in the ring of guests around the Artist Alley. I’m adjacent to the food court, so I’ll be craving pizza all day.

I will have something for everyone’s pricerange, including

  • ‘How Harold Got His Wings’ – childrens book, $10
  • 2010 Sketchbook – colour cover! $10 with sketch, $7 without
  • Leftover 2008 sketchbooks for $5 including a sketch
  • Magnets, postcards and bookmarks ranging from $1-$3
  • The remaining ewok and dragon charms at $5 apiece
  • Prints ranging from $1-$5
  • Original art ranging from $10-$500
  • Convention sketches (Include sketch cards, crayon scribbles, sketch drawings and con badges) from $2.50 – $50*
  • Kids under 12 get a free quick sketch!**
  • Free signed Star Wars Galaxy 4 base card with every purchase.

I *will!* be helping the 501st with their Star wars Kids hour on Sunday at noon. I’ll teach you how to draw! It’ll be awesome 😀

* First come, first serve. I will have a list if things get overwhelming

** Limit one per kid, pieces will be personalized as ‘For *name*’ so they don’t end up as ‘For mysterious Ebay bidder’ 😀

Life, the universe and everything

I figure seeing as I have this site based on a blog platform I may as well blog! This month is a super busy one for me.

I’m working on Clone wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunter sketch cards, Hammer Horror sketch cards and I am four illustrations away from being able to throw together an early draft of ‘How Harold Got His Wings’ – which was written by the wonderful Sarah Braun based off my popular ‘Harold Got His wings’ illustration.

The ashcanesque first printing of Harold will be available at Toronto Fan Expo, and I’ll have a new sketch book, prints and a few other knick nacks at the table.

there’s life in a nutshell. now, back to drawing 🙂

Star Wars Return Sketch Cards for Auction!

Hey guys and gals! These cards have been sitting around for too long, so I’ve put them on ebay for (relatively) bargain basement prices.

Cad Bane Sketch Card

Cad Bane Sketch Card Auction

Han and Luke on Hoth Sketch Card

Han and Luke on Hoth Sketch Card

Thanks for looking 😀

Awesomesauce – Toronto Fan Expo in August

Moe art soon, I promise! But first, I’m going to be a guest at Fan Expo in Toronto in August. I’ll have a few things like prints and bookmarks and stickers (People love stickers and magnets) so come along and say hello. Hoping to have more Harold stuff done by the time August rolls around. I can do eet!

Hope to see you all at the con 🙂