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Crit Chicken Pattern for Sale, and more Store fun times!

You may have noticed the new banner at the top of my site. I have a store at store-envy and I’ll be placing my pre-made art, charms, magnets and sketchbooks there. It makes it easier for you to buy, and makes it easier for me to sell things to you. I won’t be going to any conventions this year, so this will be the best way to pick up some goodies. I am also open for commissions if you want to drop me a line.

Visit my store!

Click for ahrts!

There it is again!

The big announcement is that the moonkin pattern is for sale! Knit yourself a friend.

Knit Moonkin

Buy the pattern on Ravelry

Buy the pattern at Store Envy

Buy the Pattern at Etsy

Ravelry is probably the easiest way to buy, because you get automatic delivery of the pattern, but I thought I would add it in other places, too!

Go forth and knit, my fine feathered friends!

Crit Chicken Knitting Pattern – coming soon!

After I get some test knitting happened for this puppy, the pattern will be available for sale for $4. it is based on the Moonkins of WoW, but it can also be used to knit an owlbear or just a plain owl or whatever 😀

Knit Moonkin

This took a long time to write, I wrote it as I went along with a test knit, then I typed it up and did the test knit you see posted here. I’m excited!

Knit Moonkin

Holy Frijoles, long time no update

My med lab placement has kept me busy, but I do have some random, various arts and knittings for you all!

Things I did in 2011 that I am proud of:

  1. Sold a few books, (but didn’t market it well.. so that’s a resolution)
  2. Regained my digital art mojo
  3. Finished the theory part of my MLT training
Oh, the book! I will have a separate post about it, I am sure, but for now:

How Harold Got His Wings. A fable about a Polar Bear who wants nothing more than to fly among the snow geese

$10 each, all copies include a sketch. Shipping is extra and you get free stickers with every book!

Here is the cover, and I will throw together a teaser PDF.  The interior illustrations are black and white and one of them is below, too!




I knit this cute little mouse family for some good pals in Hamilton.

Holiday Mice

More knitting and some art are found behind the break, but first: resolutions (The creative ones)

  1. I resolve to draw more. 2011 was a rough year as I was recovering from tendinitis of the drawing wrist and focusing on my education.
  2. I resolve to learn how to crochet.
  3. I resolve to finally finish that knitting pattern.
  4. I resolve to sculpt again.
  5. I will post more often!

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More than just a pretty face

Lately I’ve been doing more than just drawing. I’ve been knitting and sewing, too.  I have one commission I am working on, and that’ll be done this week!

Last year I hastily made a rat costume for our ‘Run for the Cure’ team. The mask is in desperate need of being redone (I made it in 2 days while I had the flu and it shows), so for halloween I decided to take a different twist on the Lab Rat, as I am a lab rat IRL now.

I decided I would make a hat instead of a full face mask so I can actually breathe in the costume and wear it to the lab on Monday. It consists of a simple hood-hat (Click for the pattern) and the tail I made last year. I repurposed the ears from the mask that needs to be redone, and sculpted a nosepiece out of model magic.

Rat mask

It was really fun to make. I handsewed the hat and the tail was also hand sewed. I am thinking of making more of these, but I don’t know what I’d do with them. Maybe auction them off or something. Unlike the hat in the pattern I linked, I added a snap under the chin so the hat is more of a hood-mask.

I have also been knitting. Here is a cowl I knit up!

Irish Hiking Cowl

Moonkin test knit!

So, this was my first prototype. it was based off an existing pattern but I didn’t like it so much, so I decided to write my own.

I’m almost done the test knit, these photos are a little old. I have finally gotten the wings sorted out (It only took me five tries, I ended up going with short, fat wings, so they’re a little different than the shape on the drawing below) so when I have time in my busy schedule of studying and trying not to be a complete and utter hermit, I’ll be finishing it off.

Enjoy the teaser pics!

I haven’t been drawing, but I HAVE been knitting

Well, I have pages and pages of doodles that relate to my class notes (They help me remember and are mostly quite hilarious. I’ll scan some sometime for sure).

I very quickly knit a lobster for my brother, and I am in the process of making my own Moonkin pattern. I will need some test knitters for the moonkin once I’m done with it. I’d originally started by knitting a moonkin with an owl pattern from this Christmas’ ‘Knit Simple’ Magazine (I bought it because it has some adorable critter patterns) and while it is disgustingly cute, I decided to write my own from scratch. I knit the knit simple one as I went, so I do have a prototype moonkin that looks adorable, but not moonkinny enough for me. 😀

I’ll do more posting as things go on. For now, here is Francois the lobster. He is knit from this pattern and I kiiiind of messed up the increases/decreases and the placement of his feelers, but my brother thought he was adorable.

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

Rawr. Sock Monster.

I don’t have an art update, but I thought I’d share with you my recent knitting work in progress. It is a very basic sock. Upon turning the heel and finishing the gusset, I thought it looked kind of monstery.

So here you go. Monster sock.. of dooom.


Knit Mushroom Rattle

I have been working on a lot of commissions, but also I’ve been knitting. I knit this little mushroom for one of the friends and family having babies this year. I will be knitting more! Yarn, stuffing and a cat toy 😀