Morganna Tazecks
These logs used to be in order from oldest to newest, but I have decided to just put the logs here as I edit them now as I can't remember when most of them take place! Enjoy, and be warned, these logs can be a little violent sometimes.
Update.. I will have some new logs soon of Morganna's Ullo the Hutt days. Check back soon!

Monster! Behold Morganna's Monstrous side. Scary.

Morganna and Rellik Morganna tempts fate.

Snowball fight Never throw a snow ball at Morganna

Assassin! Morganna becomes a target.

The Caspar Plague Morganna brings a plague to Caspar...

The big apology Our scarred hero meets Adlerson Face to Face.

Morganna Goes through Detox Thanks to the empire, Morganna kicks a nasty habit.. but is she worse off?

Fun with Ozzle & Sinjon Morganna discovers a few things about Ozzle and Sinjon. (just hit the Back button for this one, I need to find the html file to fix it)

Coreshan and Morganna An old friend becomes treatened as he discovers Morganna's Imperial tendencies.

The fall of Coreshan Morganna is instructed to silence Coreshan... but will she betray someone who's saved her life?

Terror on Tatooine Stuck between a sandstorm and a pack of Sand People, Morganna finds herself trapped. (One of my faves)

Reunion of old friends After surviving the sand storm, Morganna runs into an old friend in the Mos Eisely Cantina.

Avid and Sinjon Torment MorgannaOn KOS, noone can hear you scream. Morganna and Sinjon Picture

Morganna feels a warm and fuzzy feeling Can this harsh woman have found love?

Comfort among beasts If this isn't love, it's certainly strange.

Changed friends and near death Morganna wonders if she should have killed Coreshan, but this is dashed as he saves her from drowning.

The Force really hurts Morganna discovers that Ozzle is far more dangerous than she originally thought.

Griffons, Betrayal and a Mandalorian Plant Grathix blackmails morganna out of a plant, Morganna almost blackmails some NR people.

Fay and Morganna Morganna shelters in thelighthouse on Caspar with Fay, the griffon Diplomat.

Uh oh, it's Lorn Morganna runs into Lorn Rhys on OSG

A Most Unusual Jawa Noghri, Droids and one man with a funky glorod.

An Offer she can't refuse The Empire offers Morganna a Lucritive position.

Ettiquette 101 Morganna is taught ettiquette and diplomacy.. or at least, an attempt is made to teach her.

Dorcal Arconan visits Morganna Morganna meets with this High Command member and discovers her abraisiveness can be endearing.

Honour among killers Morganna allows Taggor to take Samus to his final resting place

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