Morganna Tazecks


June 13- added picture

Morganna Tazecks is a character that I have been playing for almost four years now on Star Wars I MUSH. She marks a huge stepping stone for me in more ways than one... firstly she replaced my longest running MUSH character, Alexis, and secondly became my favourite character to date after almost two years of tough, challenging roleplay.

Dark, brooding, curious and cruel, Morganna is vastly different to any character that I have ever stepped into the shoes of in either online or tabletop roleplaying. While disturbing, she is an incredible and difficult character to play, she is the complete opposite to myself... but frighteningly similar in several aspects. Time has seen Morganna transform from a nearly helpless, hopelessly violent psychopath to a cool, controlled killer.. and Imperial Ambassador and now back to scum, from totally unsure of herself, to completely proud, smug and arrogant.

And this is why she has her own page.

By viewing the logs and the pictures, you will hopefully become entangled in the story and life that is Morganna.

Venture forth now into the darker parts of my imagination, and the Star Wars galaxy, and strap in.. it's going to be one hell of a ride.

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