Morganna Tazecks
Not much is known of the scarred woman who seems to go about the galaxy being called only by her first name. Very few know her last name, and those that do know it know who she is and what she used to do before she 'appeared' on Tatooine a few years ago, and many don't even know what she does now, her skills are somewhat of an unknown. Morganna isn't too worried about the enigmatic shroud that constantly surrounds her, she never used to pass her last name around, but now many people know it, particularly the Imperials. There is also another odd thing happening to this emotionless woman, there are rumours that she is, in fact, in love with someone.. who? That shall remain a mystery!

Although nothing solid is known of Morganna, there are many whispered rumours surrounding her. She is the Caspar plague bringer, carrying a bug from Yavin to CDU space she completely halted trade for several weeks, and was the indirect cause of death for many beings. Her abraisive and violent nature leaves her respected, feared and reviled on KOS, Caspar and Tatooine. Morganna served a brief time as Imperial Ambassador to Caspar, she almost lost her life twice, once to a stray blaster bolt in a riot and the other to a failed assassination attempt. Morganna's temper and violent nature forced her to be removed from both diplomacy and the Empire. Now Morganna works for Ullo the Hutt on Nar Shaada... but she isn't to be trusted, for Morganna is still as enigmatic as always and those who underestimate her are usually destroyed.

First imperssions of Morganna vary incredibly as she has an unnerving tendency to swing between a calm, indifferent and almost likeable mood and a disinterested, agressive and harsh mood. Unfortunately the latter combination of emotions often takes precedence over the first, particularly when dealing with people she doesn't know or trust and also, for some strange reason, most Horansi. She also has a strange fear of medical droids, confinement and a strong dislike of space stations.

Some people know that Morganna has nigh uncontrollable spurts of agression that cause her to be moody, nasty and, very often, physically violent. She has been working on controlling this since her appearance in the galaxy at large and that is the major reason as to why she is so guarded of her past. Morganna knows that if she is confined or imprisoned, any control she has been slowly and painfully teaching herself will disappear in a split second fit of rage.

Morganna knows about the Force now.. she knows that she has part of the gift. While she cannot control the Force, she can sense a strong force user and it bugs the hell out of her. She knows that the presence of a strong Force user generally means that something's up.. and Morganna's mind is open to these people, she is vulnerable and it scares her. One day Morganna hopes to be able to harness this gift.. but she knows that might lead to her destruction.

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