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Imperial Funnies Imperial Funnies To Humour Index Imperial Funnies was originally intended to be a weekly thing, but real life got in the way. Now the cartoon comes out infrequently, at best, but it's still alot of fun! Imperial Funnies is just my way of poking fun at the Star Wars galaxy. As with anything else on my site, please do not repost or redistribute these files.
Please read my image use and copyright policy!

Newish Cartoon!

What was the emperor's greatest Secret?

Older Cartoons (Most recent first)

What does the emperor get when he shops?
Dread Star
Artoo... let him have it. This cartoon is interactive! Thank you to Karl Anders Rostrup for the idea and .wav (I would have had that credit earlier, but I forgot who you were...)
I always wondered what those guys in the black helmets were doing... :)
Christmas at Jabba's Palace.
Silly Rebels, Speeder bikes are for imps!
Darth Vader's Day Job This cartoon is interactive. Kudos to whoever created this wav file.
Stormtrooper Blaster Traning 101
The Chef Star B&W. Thanks to Ted3000 for the idea.
We count Thirty Rebel Ships..." B&W
The Deaf Star

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