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Imperial Funnies Filk Songs To Humour Index The Star Wars fan's guide to dating:

1) Mention Star Wars on each date. If this results in hostility, a rolling of eyes or 'Yeah.. Spock is my favourite!' It is not meant to be. Actually, the 'Spock' comment is the lesser of the evils.

2) If you say 'Boba Fett is cool!' and your date responds with 'Yeah.. those swedes make great music!' It was not meant to be

3) If your date tells you to grow up or be more mature because you collect Star Wars toys/books/comics etc... You guessed it, it was not meant to be.

4) If your date says 'I don't care if it's the first movie in 16 years, I want to go to this phat party'.. Run away quickly in the opposite direction. Star Wars is better than booze and loud techno music.

5) If your date says 'But Independence day was sooooo much than Star Wars. And Armageddon.. woah! I want some real science, not this Science fiction crap.. Star Wars is sooooo unrealistic' proceed to slink away :)

6) If your date brings you something cute, small and Star Wars related even if they don't like Star Wars that much but they know you do... or if they happily listen to you and you can communicate with them on a level other than Star Wars... or if this person accompanies you to Episode 1, and likes going to Toys R Us.. keep them. Not only do they kinda like Star Wars, but they understand why you like it and understand /that/ you like it.

7) If your date is as much of a Star Wars nut as you.. make sure you have something else in common.. if you do, it's a match made in heaven

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