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This gallery contains art produced based on the prequels. You'll find pod racers, jedi, Jar Jar and some of my Star Wars Kids art in this section.

Padawan Sigele Based on a life drawing done in class. Greyscale.
Neimoidian Commoner Trying out some different aliens and costuming. Greyscale.
Jar Jar the smooth talker A sketch of Jar Jar trying to be suave. Greyscale.
medieval Gungan A sketch that plays around with some character and costume design. Greyscale.
Gungan A sketch of a gungan who looks like he has just stepped in something. Colour.
Work in progrsss, Rodian Jedi A sneak peek at a little something I'm working on. I'll replace it with the finished image when it's complete. Colour.
Human Jedi A sketch of a human, male Jedi. Based on a photo of my vertebrate physiology prof. Greyscale.
Watto A cool drawing of Watto. B&W
Jumping Jedi A jedi leaping through the air with a pair of lightsabers. Colour.
Sebulba A Character Study of Sebulba. Greyscale.
Padme in Tatooine garb. B&W
Running Twi'Lek Jedi A running Twi'Lek Jedi. Inked with a dip pen. B&W. (While he isn't specifically prequel related, I th9ought he fit in well here)
Painted Jar Jar This was painted in metacreations Painter 6. Work in progress. Colour.
Watto half a drawing of Watto. I love the facial expression. Greyscale.
Boss NassYousa no thinkin' yousa better than the gungans! Boss Nass Sketch. Greyscale.
Captain Tarpals A more realistic style than usual B&W
Padme A Sketch of Padme on Tatooine. Greyscale
Gasgano - Pencil sketch of Gasgano. Greyscale
Aldar Beedo - Pencil Sketch of Aldar Beedo, a pod racer. Greyscale.
Sithbabe - Playing around with the idea of a female Darth Maul esque jedi. Greyscale.
Mooie Mooie - In Colour! - Fuill bodu version of 'Mooie Mooie' Inked and coloured in a deliberately simplistic style.
Mooie Mooie - Cartoon style jar jar, complete with nifty floppy ear motion.
Generic Jar Jar - One of the most common Jar Jar poses on the planet
Captain Tarpals - A couple of sketches of Captain Tarpals.. who is way cooler than Jar Jar (I just haven't gotten around to drawing him until now).
Jedi Sketch - Drawn on a post-it note. A Padawan from a backwater planet..
Pit Droid - A sepia toned quick sketch of a pit droid (Digital, Painter Classic)
Watto profile - A Digital sketch of Watto. (Painter Classic)
Cartoon Jar Jar #2 - Jar Jar in a cartoon style. Colour
Little Adi Gallia
- A piece I did for Rebel Friends a while back that I've jazzed up for here. One of my best cartoon girls to date. Colour
theforce.net Denver Tshirt - This T-shirt was never made, one of my best Jar Jars.
I thought the Maul was a little short til I saw the movie. Colour
Cartoon Style Jar Jar - If they made a cartoon, I think jar Jar might look like this.
Waiting in Line - Jar Jar Binks waits in line for Star Wars: The phantom Menace. The person in the cloak with the broken lightsabre is me. My cheapo lightsabre was the cause of many a laugh. It finally got stuck together with The Force (duct tape).
Super Jar Jar! Started out as an anatomy study and turned into Jar Jar. I hope to complete this piece soon. B&W
Isa Yummy! - In europe there's an episode 1 ice cream (Reports indicate weird appley lime flavoured). This is a mock ad for one. Enjoy!
Maulrat (Spoilerish, Parody) A play on words inspired by an episode 1 character. Not associated with the maulrats website :) (Colour)
Watto (Spoiler) Just an odd pic. You'd think someone with a tech shop would have a ket on a stick ;)
Silly JarJar - (Spoilericious!) A sketch of Jar Jar slapping his head and rolling his eyes. The beady eyed guy next to him is Obi Wan (Greyscale, Work in Progress)
Jar Jar Sketches (Spoilerish) A few sketches of Jar Jar (Greyscale)
Jedi Council Members  (SPOILER). This is one of my best pieces of work so far, the colours are speculation only. There are no character names listed on the piece, so if you're spoilerphobic it's half safe. (Colour)
Gungan... Jump! - (Spoiler) A gungan jumping over a rooftop with a whackey stick  thing (Colour)
Eeth Koth (Prequel Spoiler). Eeth Koth, the spiky headed Jedi Council Member. Greyscale.
The Jedi Council (Prequel Spoiler) About half of the Jedi Council. This sketch has been painted and will be online sometime next week. Greyscale
Adi Gallia (Prequel Spoiler) This sketch is exclusive to Amara's Cantina and is not to be reposted.  Jedi Council Member. Greyscale
My Little Gungan (Prequel Spoiler ish) Little super deformed Jar Jar Binks sculpure, only 2 inches tall! Isn't he cute? Colour.
Adi Gallia in colour (Prequel Spoiler). Colour speculation for Adi Gallia. Greyscale
Yareal Poof (Prequel Spoiler) Another Jedi Council Member. Greyscale.
Evan Piell (Prequel Spoiler) Yet another Jedi Council member. Greyscale
Jar Jar and Kaadu! This is a drawing of Jar Jar riding a Kaadu. Drawn about a week before the Nov 17  trailer release. Colour! Early Concept based on speculation and leaked images.
Jar Jar A pencil sketch of JarJar. Grayscale. Early Concept based on speculation.
Jar Jar (Prequel Spoiler Pic) Jar Jar, an alien from Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace. Colour. Early Concept based on speculation

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