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Ahh, the smell of fresh paint on the canvas.. or fresh pixels on the monitor. This is where the newly uploaded art is listed, but it is also listed simultaneously in the section it belongs in. :)

Peace on Endor - A holiday themed christmas piece
Run, Kit, Run - It's Kit Fisto, my favourite thing from Episode 2
TaunTaun Jedi - Spiffed up for a friend :)
Dug Sith - A Dug Sith
Ce'Nila - The ol' Tabletop character.
Ewok scribbles - On post it notes and the like.
Crouching Ewok
Hidden Wookie... - OK, just an Ewok and a Wookiee, I liked the juxtaposition of the images ;)
Amy the Sith - Rawr.
Ce'Nila Costume - I want to make one, I drew the sketchies.
My Lil Cenila - Done in a quasi SD style
Fruity Anakin - Circa Episode 2.

And thus ends the art dump of 2004. Browse the older stuff now, if you want. :)

Padawan Sigele Based on a life drawing done in class. Greyscale.
Neimoidian Commoner Trying out some different aliens and costuming. Greyscale.
Kid characters I was mucking around with some character ideas. L-R Nubie the rodian, Nala the Twi'Lek, Tika the Gungan and Growf the Wookiee. B&W.
Nubie A Rodian kid on a hover-board. Drawn for the heck of it. B&W.
Tika Drawing of Tika the gungan swimming. Greyscale.
Jar Jar the smooth talker A sketch of Jar Jar trying to be suave. Greyscale.
Disgstingly cute Ewok Just as the title says. A sketch for a friend of mine, drawn as a gift! Greyscale.
medieval Gungan A sketch that plays around with some character and costume design. Greyscale.
RPG Character Portrait - Twi'Lek Scoundrel/Crimelord Use this for your tabeltop character! Based on Ce'Nila, my character. Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Human Noble Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Quarren Fringer/Scoundrel Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Rodian Scoundrel (medic) Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Shistavanen Soldier/Scoundrel/Fringer Use this for your tabeltop character! (I need to finish the blaster) Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Squib Fringer/Scoundrel Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
Goonda! This ewok seems to be enthralled with something. Monochrome.
Padawan Amara Amara Fox as a Padawan. Colour.
Gungan A sketch of a gungan who looks like he has just stepped in something. Colour.

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