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Much of my online time is spent roleplaying on various MUShes around the internet. The one that I am on most commonly is Star Wars 1, as Morganna. I do some tabletop roleplaying as well on occasion and I should have some scans of those characters here sooner or later.

RPG Character Portrait - Twi'Lek Scoundrel/Crimelord Use this for your tabeltop character! Based on Ce'Nila, my character. Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Human Noble Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Quarren Fringer/Scoundrel Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Rodian Scoundrel (medic) Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Shistavanen Soldier/Scoundrel/Fringer Use this for your tabeltop character! (I need to finish the blaster) Monochrome.
RPG Character Portrait - Squib Fringer/Scoundrel Use this for your tabeltop character! Monochrome.
Shorda Toth One of the members of my Roleplaying Party. This is an original alien drawn by me and is based off of this sketch by the player. Greyscale.
Meanwhile at the jedi council Chambers.. South park-ised version of the roleplaying party. note Ce'Nila, the scoundrel, with the sekrit Jedi map. Silly Jedi masters, trusting a scoundrel like that! Greyscale.
Happy Ce'Nila Credits are a girl's best friend. Greyscale.
Ce'Nila This is a Twi'Lek Scoundrel/Force Adept that I am playing in the new Star Wars roleplaying game. I'm having a blast! Greyscale.
Lex Starrier A slicer babe I play on SW2.

Morganna the Jedi - Morganna's lost her scars, but has gained cool cat eyes.. and some force ability. Let's kick some butt ;) B&W.
Morganna and Sinjon Morganna is my favourite character, this is her with the Horansi Jedi (Force kitty), Sinjon. Morg doesn't like him all that much. Colour.
Detained. Morganna Tazecks enjoying Imperial hospitality. Colour.
Mean Morganna Morganna being her normal self. B&W.
Morganna with a blaster. See description for above :) Grayscale.
Morganna looking thoughtful, yet sad. Grayscale.
Thoughtful Morgie again this time in colour.
Ozzle A character from Star Wars I Mush, a Sarian. He isn't one of my characters, but he's one of Morgie's acquaintances. :) B&W.
Amara Foxx My old Clone Wars character
Anara Jen A trianii character I play on Minos Cluster. Colour.
 Tegrri This is a Trianii character I created some time ago and have since stopped playing. B&W.
Naaxla Abotu A togorian character that I've stopped playing. Yep, she has a tail... a slight goof on my behalf. B&W.
 Lexxi Jandara. Yet another retired character. This one was a near-human.
Meenik the Squib. A Character I tried to play, but couldn't get into.
Alexis Foxx. This is a character that was rendered inert when the MUSH she was on died, I think she'd be fun to play again.
Alexis Otherwise known as Foxx. This is my first MUSH character and where many of the MUSH names I used in the past stem from. She was retired after 2 years to make way for Morganna. I still kind of miss playing her sometimes.

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