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You could best equate this to the junkyard of my Star Wars art, or at least the wholesale club. Anything seasonal, weird or just a little out of the normal Star Wars loop can be found here, as well as images I've drawn for other people. I'm not currently doing artwork for other sites, so please don't ask right now.

Check out Rebel Friends for a comic strip I've worked on.

Padawan Amara Amara Fox as a Padawan. Colour.
I choose you, Palpachu! Further proof that sugar makes me weird.. Greyscale.
Darth Fluffy The evil Hoojib, Darth Fluffy. Pencil with digital text..
Sebulbasaur Pokewars - The Phantom menace presents.. Sebulbasaur with vine whipping action. ;) Silly, Colour.
Macho, macho droid. I wanna be a macho droid Disco R2.. pencils by Pablo Hidalgo, inks and colours by Me. Colour
Yaarp! Not strictly Star Wars - Alien concept, a bird/dinosaur like alien. Greyscale.
4 armed alien Not strictly Star Wars - Alien concept, a 4 armed, primitive alien. B&W.
Easter Ewok An Ewok with a basket of easter eggs. Colour.
Ewok Easter Egg An Easter Egg painted like an ewok. Colour.
Wookiee Easter Egg An Easter Egg painted like a wookiee. Colour
Nyxamb Cluster Aliens Original Alien Designs. L-R Xiir, Tyvessinian, Aril and Nyxambi. Gryscale.
Crusty Spacer - A sketch of some old, crusty spacer. Greyscale.
Super Deformed Amy - A self portrait. Colour
Amara Maul - Super Crosshatching action of Amara Fox dressed as Darth Maul
Happy halloween - Amara Maul handing out candy to Jar Jar tiger and pikachu bunny. Incredibly cute.. :) Colour.
Feline Swoop Racer - A feline swoop racer. Kind of Star Wars!
Star Wars Kids #5 - My art from SWK #5. TM & 1999 Lucasfilm LTD, All Rights Reserved, posted with permission, please don't repost. This probably has the coolest Maul I've ever drawn on it and not a Jar Jar in sight! Colour. Small.
SithLizard - A lightsabre wielding Lizard. Some of my best digital colouring.
theforce.net Denver Tshirt - This T-shirt was never made, one of my best Jar Jars. I thought the Maul was a little short til I saw the movie. Colour
Sci Fi Expo Program Book - Program book cover for the May Show. I signed one for Billy Dee Williams (He looked a little sad for some reason) and I got a hug and a smile from him. Made both of our weekends :) B&W
Beastie - This is a sketch of a critter that might exist in the Star Wars Galaxy
Waiting in Line - Jar Jar Binks waits in line for Star Wars: The phantom Menace. The person in the cloak with the broken lightsabre is me. My cheapo lightsabre was the cause of many a laugh. It finally got stuck together with The Force (duct tape).
Hole in the Wall - Amara the Dark Jedi fox climbs through a hole in the wall.
Nasty Nasty - Amara the Dark jedi with a very sour expression on her muzzle.
Rich with Hoojib  One of two pieces that was to appear in a Dark Horse comic. Maybe it'll see print some day. B&W.
Joe & Hoojib The second piece drawn to accompany an editorial in the Dark Horse marvel reprints. B&W..
The Official rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc teeshirt The weirdest newsgroup around! Colour.
Happy Birthday, George Lucas Photoshop 4.0 doesn't have great tablet tracking, I can't wait til I get Fractal design painter :)
Amara The Dark jedi Amara the Fox leaps into action with a lightsabre in one hand! (colour)
Older Noghri One of my earlier Noghri studies. B&W.
 Happy Birthday, Star Wars! yeah, a little nostalgic piece ;) B&W.
 Amara Jade! Em peror's Paw! A play on words (myself being known as 'Amara' in many circles, as you can tell), B&W.

Do not redistribute any of this site's content without permission. All Star Wars characters, ships and elements are © & ® 2000 Lucasfilm Limted. Some Licensed Lucasfilm art is posted with permission of Lucasfilm LTD. All content, art and characters not contained in the official Star Wars universe are © 2000 Amy Pronovost. If you have any questions or comments regarding Amara's Cantina and its contents, please send email to amara@flyingarmadillo.com