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The galaxy far, far away is a huge and enchanting place, filled with amazing creatures and people. This gallery showcases character and alien drawings & paintings  influenced  the original trilogy as well as the books, comics and role playing game.

Disgstingly cute Ewok Just as the title says. A sketch for a friend of mine, drawn as a gift! Greyscale.
Goonda! This ewok seems to be enthralled with something. Monochrome.
Colour Trandoshan jedi A Coloured Version of the Trandoshan jedi sketch below.
Swinging Ewok An inked version of 'Ewok on a Rope'. B&W
Belated holiday greetings A desktop image (800x600) of some Ewoks building a snowman. Cute! Colour.
Bothan Trader A female bothan trader. I may colour this one some day. B&W
Trandoshan Jedi A skecth of a most unusual jedi concept, a Trandoshan. Greyscale.
Baby Ewok Cute drawing of a baby ewok. Greyscale
Darth Fuzzy Ewok with Attitude. Second in a series of cute dark jedi. Thanks to Tim Cox for the idea! Pencil with digital text..
Ewok Warrior A character study of an ewok warrior. B&W.
Darth Fluffy The evil Hoojib, Darth Fluffy. Pencil with digital text..
Quarren and Squib Two unlikely allies pose menacingly in a seedy part of town. B&W
Runt and Kettch My two favourite members of Wraith Squadron dressed for a work out. B&W
Bar Brawl! - inked Inked version of the Bar Brawl. Nikto Vs Rodian? B&W
Womprat A rather nasty looking womprat. Ink
Biker Thug A thuggish man riding a swoop of some kind. B&W.
Womprat A pencil sketch of a Womprat. there have been so many different versions of Womprats drawn that i kind of amalgamated all of the traits. This little (!) guy will be green in colour if and when I eventually colour him, like the Super Star Wars Womprats. Greyscale.
Tusken Raider Cropped sketch of a Tusken Raider on a bantha. I wasn't happy with the bantha, but I will keep working on it. Greyscale.
Bar Brawl! A fun crowd scene of a brawl in a Star Wars Cantina. Greyscale.
Running Twi'Lek Jedi A running Twi'Lek Jedi. Inked with a dip pen. B&W.
Bantha Pencil sketch of a super deformed bantha. Greyscale
Drawing Hoojib I was thinking of making a kid section for my site called 'Plif's Playhouse' It never got off the ground. here's one of my prelim Plifs.
Ewok on a rope A dynamic pose featuring an ewok. pencil sketch.
Female Ewok with Staff A brush inked female ewok with a staff B&W
Yub Yub, Commander! Janson and Kettch. This was drawn in a thank you card to Aaron Allston. Greyscale.
Kneesa A different style of Princess Kneesa. Greyscale
Ewok Shaman and Apprentice An Ewok Shaman and Her Apprentice aid the growth of a seedling with the help of the forest spirits. B&W
Watch out for Bees! A poor, hapless ewok flees from some stinging insects. Colour.
Crusty Spacer - A sketch of some old, crusty spacer. Greyscale.
ArtyEwok 1 - A colour illustration of my Star Wars Moniker: ArtyEwok.
ArtyEwok 2 - ArtyEwok in another pose, being Arty. Colour
Nrin and Ibtisam - Super Deformed (ie cartoonified to death) Rogue Squadron characters. Colour.
Runt in 3D - Runt from 'Wraith Squadron' in Action Figure Form. My First Custom action figure!
Sepia Ewok - A digital sketch of an ewok. (Painter Classic)
Sci Fi Expo Program Book - Program book cover for the May Show. I signed one for Billy Dee Williams (He looked a little sad for some reason) and I got a hug and a smile from him. Made both of our weekends :) B&W
Cartoon Dewback - Just a very cute Dewback. Greyscale.
Cartoon Style Ewok - An Ewok drawn in the Ewoks cartoon style.
Logray - A Coloured logray, part of a larger piece of work.
Luke on Dagobah -  This was an experiment with shading. Part of his leg is missing, perhaps I'll finish it some day!
Paullapalooza Ewok - This is a sketch, coloured in Photoshop, that was drawn in about 2 minutes at a party. Just a generic Ewok. Colour
Powwow Ewok - An Ewok drawn on the powwow whiteboard and then coloured in photoshop. The 'LOL!' comment is from the person watching me. I'm fast!
Princess Kneesa - Princess Kneesa from the Ewoks cartoons. This was drawn for the purpose of a tutorial I have on the site!
Chilling on the Ship A human and a sullustan chill out on their ship.
Wicket W Warwick It's wiley wicket from Return of the Jedi. Drawn for Warwick Davis. B&W
One fine day at Tandilla's Tavern A large, detailed piece of Tandilla the Ithorian's Tavern. B&W.
Han Solo on Hoth Han is one if my favourite characters, but this is the first time I've drawn him. Watercolour.
Cute and fluffy ewok A sketch of an annoyed, chubby Ewok. Grayscale
Runt Runt, from Aaron Allston's 'Wraith Squadron' books. This is the semi-official representation. Grayscale
Rebel Pilot A nameless rebel pilot, relaxing. Grayscale.
Ewok A digital oil painting of a generic ewok. Colour.
Bossk A painting of everyone's favourite Trandoshan bounty hunter. Watercolour.. awesome.
Lak Sivrak The Shistaven Wolfman from the Mos Eisely Cantina. B&W
Jawa A Jawa fixing a droid. Looks like an unused web graphic. Colour.
Leia on Hoth A simple picture of Leia in her Hoth outfit. Colour.
Biker Scout! One of those pesky Biker scouts from ROTJ
What Squadron? Why.. Rogue Squadron!
A Hoojib One of those telepathic bunnies from the Marvel Comics. Colour.
Echo Base Rebels An attempt to do something relatively uncartoony and un-cute. The guy with the beard is in one heck of a hurry. B&W
Aaaaaagh! A pilot scares the living bantha pudu out of his passengers (Digital Grayscale)
Wookiee Scruffles! A happy Wookiee scruffles the hair of his human companion. (B&W)
Speeder Bandit A speeder biker races through a ravine. Tres spiffy. (Colour)
Dewback and Jawas The Dewback and Jawas pic in full colour!
Ewok Villiage The hustle and bustle of an Ewok Villiage. An experiment in background detail. (B&W)
Princess Leia Black and white version of the Hoth Leia piece. (B&W)
Star Wars Sketches This little page of Sketches has the best Luke I have drawn as of now on it. (Grayscale)
Tandilla's Tavern Tandilla the Ithorian hands the viewer a drink. Watercolour painting!
Unlikely Allies A Quarren and a Mon Calamari run together towards the viewer. B&W.
Noghri Based on the most recent Dark Horse design. (Grayscale)
A Cartoon style Ewok. Not my usual style, he has a shiney thing. Colour.
 Song for a Fallen Comrade Tales of the Jedi Themed picture. B&W
 Jawas and a Dewback Started out as a Study of a Dewback, but I like Jawas too. B&W Version.
 Teeko finds a blaster. Another ewok pic.
What do you mean, 'you can't fix it'? A Wookiee gazes down questioningly at a human sitting on the ramp of a ship. B&W.
Speeder Bike Rider A humanoid speeder bike rider zooms through a narrow ravine! B&W.
Boba Fett The notorious bounty hunter closes in on his latest hunt. B&W.
Fallen Jedi A human Jedi, tales of the Jedi era. Pencil.
Ewok Crafter An Ewok warrior finishing off a new spear. B&W.
JenErrik Blaster-bolt parrying 101 with JenErrik the generic jedi! B&W.
 An ewok storyteller circle. An elder tells a story to the younger ewoks around him. B&W.
 A Trandoshan bounty hunter poses with his prey. B&W.
 Like Father, like son. A smuggler and his son hold up a rodian at a cantina. B&W.
 A female Jedi. A rather inquisitive looking female jedi. B&W.
Jedi Battle. Two Jedi have a battle to the death. Influenced by Tales of the Jedi. Pencil.
A Twi'lek Jedi Watercolour Experiment of another Tales of the Jedi-esque Jedi. Colour.
Ewok Hunting Party An Ewok hunting party encounters some hunters of another kind. B&W.
One fine day at the Cantina Crowded cantina scene. B&W.
A Twilek Dancer girl Pencil Crayon sketch of a generic Twi'lek.. Colour.

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