About Robin

amypaintingLab tech by day – artist by night, Robin* is like a superhero with amazing powers (Looks good in hats!) and a secret identity, complete with lab coat and glasses.

They’ve produced cartoons and artwork for the Official Star Wars Kids magazine, Starwars.com, Star Wars Insider, a few comics in publications by Radio Comix and sketch cards for Topps, Cryptozioic, Perna Studios and Strictly Ink. When ┬ánot drawing stuff for other people, they draw really cute stuff like polar bears. And their brother riding fluffy unicorns.

In non artsy but equally awesome news, Robin loves volunteering with kids, including hosting ‘How to Draw’ sessions at various conventions and a brief, but fulfilling, stint as a Girl Guide leader that earned them the nickname of ‘Crafty Kitty’.

Where is Robin nowadays? Still in Canada. Because Canada is awesome.

*Many of my images use my old name. As much as I’d love to retroactively go back and change hundreds of them, it isn’t going to happen. I’m Robin from hereon out!

Connect with me at the following places

I want to come to your Convention!

I’m available for one or two cons a year, time permitting. if you’d like to add me to your roster (especially if it includes teaching kids how to draw or make awesome crafts), contact me.

A brief and incomplete list of my professional/other awesome work

  • Wonder Woman Day 2 and 3 paintings
  • Artwork for the Quick Draw fundraiser for the Penticton Art Gallery 2008 and 2009
  • Star Wars Insider #92 ‘How to Draw Admiral Ackbar’
  • Star Wars Kids Magazine #5, #8
  • Scholastic Star Wars Kids Magazine #4 & #8
  • Starwars.com kids features including How to Draw and Maskmaking
  • Sketch cards for Topps, Cryptozioc, Perna Studios & Strictly Ink
  • A ton of independent pro illustration, graphic design & web work (Portfolio available on request)