New name, who dis?

Hey all! I have a new website in the works and it’s very exciting! I plan to have it up soon. I wanted to get the name change and the new website up at the same time, but I moved across the country. SOOOO. This is a quick fix.

From hereon I’ll be going professionally and personally by Robin (They/Them). All of my old stuff will… not say Robin. It’s too much work to fix. Digging through the Internet also isn’t going to happen because I don’t have control over any of that, but if you see a site that calls me by t’other name, pop them a quick email or send a message to me so I can contact them and see about getting it fixed.

I’m excited to start on this new journey and I hope to have some gender blarg comics about it all eventually.

Look out for the new site.. IN THE FUTURE. Whenever it hits.

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