Holy Frijoles, long time no update

My med lab placement has kept me busy, but I do have some random, various arts and knittings for you all!

Things I did in 2011 that I am proud of:

  1. Sold a few books, (but didn’t market it well.. so that’s a resolution)
  2. Regained my digital art mojo
  3. Finished the theory part of my MLT training
Oh, the book! I will have a separate post about it, I am sure, but for now:

How Harold Got His Wings. A fable about a Polar Bear who wants nothing more than to fly among the snow geese

$10 each, all copies include a sketch. Shipping is extra and you get free stickers with every book!

Here is the cover, and I will throw together a teaser PDF.  The interior illustrations are black and white and one of them is below, too!




I knit this cute little mouse family for some good pals in Hamilton.

Holiday Mice

More knitting and some art are found behind the break, but first: resolutions (The creative ones)

  1. I resolve to draw more. 2011 was a rough year as I was recovering from tendinitis of the drawing wrist and focusing on my education.
  2. I resolve to learn how to crochet.
  3. I resolve to finally finish that knitting pattern.
  4. I resolve to sculpt again.
  5. I will post more often!

Eosin the priest

Ruffled dressGinette's mitts


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