First art of 2012 – Dragon Kitty and a Pony

I’m experimenting with watercolours again. Apparently my muse just needed a break followed by a little artistic freedom. These both use the same palette, but with different results.

Dragon kitty: A commission. negative space is gooood!

Dragon Kitty

And, as a card carrying Brony, I present to you the first colour image of my ponysona – Bacon Sparkles. Yes, I am a nerd. But if ponies keep me drawing, so be it. it isn’t the most challenging of poses, but hey.

Bacon Sparkles - My Little Pony

My LAST finished art of 2011 was also Pony related and in the throes of last minute knitting, I forgot to upload it here. My two favourite ponies, Applejack and Apple Bloom.

Apple Jack and Apple Bloom

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