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Crit Chicken Knitting Pattern – coming soon!

After I get some test knitting happened for this puppy, the pattern will be available for sale for $4. it is based on the Moonkins of WoW, but it can also be used to knit an owlbear or just a plain owl or whatever 😀

Knit Moonkin

This took a long time to write, I wrote it as I went along with a test knit, then I typed it up and did the test knit you see posted here. I’m excited!

Knit Moonkin

First art of 2012 – Dragon Kitty and a Pony

I’m experimenting with watercolours again. Apparently my muse just needed a break followed by a little artistic freedom. These both use the same palette, but with different results.

Dragon kitty: A commission. negative space is gooood!

Dragon Kitty

And, as a card carrying Brony, I present to you the first colour image of my ponysona – Bacon Sparkles. Yes, I am a nerd. But if ponies keep me drawing, so be it. it isn’t the most challenging of poses, but hey.

Bacon Sparkles - My Little Pony

My LAST finished art of 2011 was also Pony related and in the throes of last minute knitting, I forgot to upload it here. My two favourite ponies, Applejack and Apple Bloom.

Apple Jack and Apple Bloom

Holy Frijoles, long time no update

My med lab placement has kept me busy, but I do have some random, various arts and knittings for you all!

Things I did in 2011 that I am proud of:

  1. Sold a few books, (but didn’t market it well.. so that’s a resolution)
  2. Regained my digital art mojo
  3. Finished the theory part of my MLT training
Oh, the book! I will have a separate post about it, I am sure, but for now:

How Harold Got His Wings. A fable about a Polar Bear who wants nothing more than to fly among the snow geese

$10 each, all copies include a sketch. Shipping is extra and you get free stickers with every book!

Here is the cover, and I will throw together a teaser PDF.  The interior illustrations are black and white and one of them is below, too!




I knit this cute little mouse family for some good pals in Hamilton.

Holiday Mice

More knitting and some art are found behind the break, but first: resolutions (The creative ones)

  1. I resolve to draw more. 2011 was a rough year as I was recovering from tendinitis of the drawing wrist and focusing on my education.
  2. I resolve to learn how to crochet.
  3. I resolve to finally finish that knitting pattern.
  4. I resolve to sculpt again.
  5. I will post more often!

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