Monthly Archives: October 2011

More than just a pretty face

Lately I’ve been doing more than just drawing. I’ve been knitting and sewing, too.  I have one commission I am working on, and that’ll be done this week!

Last year I hastily made a rat costume for our ‘Run for the Cure’ team. The mask is in desperate need of being redone (I made it in 2 days while I had the flu and it shows), so for halloween I decided to take a different twist on the Lab Rat, as I am a lab rat IRL now.

I decided I would make a hat instead of a full face mask so I can actually breathe in the costume and wear it to the lab on Monday. It consists of a simple hood-hat (Click for the pattern) and the tail I made last year. I repurposed the ears from the mask that needs to be redone, and sculpted a nosepiece out of model magic.

Rat mask

It was really fun to make. I handsewed the hat and the tail was also hand sewed. I am thinking of making more of these, but I don’t know what I’d do with them. Maybe auction them off or something. Unlike the hat in the pattern I linked, I added a snap under the chin so the hat is more of a hood-mask.

I have also been knitting. Here is a cowl I knit up!

Irish Hiking Cowl

Logray and Artoo return on ebay

Hi Folks! I have uploaded my Logray and Artoo Deetoo return card on ebay.


Bid on Artoo and Logray here!

I’ll very likely have another card up today – from my clone wars returns.

Women of Wonder 2011 art – Cheetara

For the past few years I’ve contributed various Wonder Woman themed pieces for Wonder Woman Day in Portland. This year the event has opened up to different female characters, so I chose one of my old favourites – Cheetara. I am a fan of her old, campy outfit. While the new Cheetara is certainly awesome, I am not a fan of her proportions or revealing costume, so I thought I would kick it up oldschool. Thundercats, HO! To get more info, visit the Women of Wonder site.

So here we are. Cheetara!


Nature and Knitting

I have been drawing, but I’ve also been knitting and hiking. Here are some photos of some recent stuff I’ve been working on, or places I have been.

leafy Blaze

Knitting with a view

Knit BeaverCalm bayKnit Fox

More photos can be found in my Flickr gallery