Monthly Archives: April 2011

CCEE artbook art is done

To be fair to the CCEE people, I won’t be posting the final until shortly before I leave for Calgary, or while I am there 🙂 I took the rough and went crazy, it looks completely awesome and I honestly wish I could show it off now. I used a few new techniques in photoshop using shapes and textures and a multitude of new brushes.

So, look out for the art, it’ll be here eventually. For now I need to draw some art that I *CAN* show off!

Calgary Comic Expo sneak peek!

This is the super super rough version of my submission to the artbook this year. I’m working on getting it done for the deadline and it is coming along just fine!


Expect more art to come. Sorry for the drought, I cannot wait until classes are done so I can do more sketches. I’ve been digging through my old sketchbooks and, man, I used to sketch a lot, so I’m going to channel that again in May for a sketch a day thing to get the creative juices going.