I haven’t been drawing, but I HAVE been knitting

Well, I have pages and pages of doodles that relate to my class notes (They help me remember and are mostly quite hilarious. I’ll scan some sometime for sure).

I very quickly knit a lobster for my brother, and I am in the process of making my own Moonkin pattern. I will need some test knitters for the moonkin once I’m done with it. I’d originally started by knitting a moonkin with an owl pattern from this Christmas’ ‘Knit Simple’ Magazine (I bought it because it has some adorable critter patterns) and while it is disgustingly cute, I decided to write my own from scratch. I knit the knit simple one as I went, so I do have a prototype moonkin that looks adorable, but not moonkinny enough for me. 😀

I’ll do more posting as things go on. For now, here is Francois the lobster. He is knit from this pattern and I kiiiind of messed up the increases/decreases and the placement of his feelers, but my brother thought he was adorable.

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

Francois the Lobster

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3 Responses to “I haven’t been drawing, but I HAVE been knitting”

  1. Brittany Wildgoose Says:

    I recognize those pictures. =P

  2. CleoQc Says:

    I’ve had this pattern for a couple of years. I really should do it one day. My daughter is lobster crazy.

    Nice work on it. Was it hard?

  3. Amy Says:

    it was actually a pretty easy pattern to follow 😀

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