Monthly Archives: May 2010

Adventures in Gardening!

Today I was planting strawberries and on my trowel was this bird nest. Awesome! I moved the gardening stuff (Except for the things the nest is built on) so momma bird doesn’t freak out too much 😀

Robin Nest

Chicagoland Charity Cards

I have some new art, but it’s a lot so I’m breaking it up over a few posts. All of my art is in the galleries (hint: Teeny commissions, Clone wars widescreen cards and Custom Sketch cards) but here are a few select cards I really really liked 🙂

More Sketch Cards can be found here. And I added a couple to my deviantart I haven’t added to the site yet 🙂

Awesomesauce – Toronto Fan Expo in August

Moe art soon, I promise! But first, I’m going to be a guest at Fan Expo in Toronto in August. I’ll have a few things like prints and bookmarks and stickers (People love stickers and magnets) so come along and say hello. Hoping to have more Harold stuff done by the time August rolls around. I can do eet!

Hope to see you all at the con 🙂