Monthly Archives: February 2010

More Cutie Doodles

I was hoping to have had these drawn last weekend, but school and work came first. After a minor, yet, major mistake (Wrong stuffed animals with the cats!.. oops, yes, that certainly warrants a free redraw) here they are.


I take these cutie commissions every now and again. If you’d like to be on my cutie list, let me know and I’ll put you on the priority list the next time I open them.



New art and sketches

I’ve added some new art to my Teeny Commissions gallery and to my sketches and pencils gallery

A couple of examples are right here:



New art – Figment!

This is a commission that I just finished an, other than the 501st helmet and a couple of Chicagoland cards, I am complete;y caught up. This means I’ll be taking some commissions during March Break. Also, now and again I may do special, inexpensive cutie commissions, so watch this space!

Without further adieu, I give you Figment!