The reason for the lack of updates of late!

I keep trying to squeeze in some art/super sale commissions etc into my life. I don’t know if all of you know, but I am in the midst of a career change form Graphic Design to Medical Lab Technology (MT, for you Amurricans). The class I’m in is super intense and I have a part time job to boot. So i have homework, downtime, work and school which hasn’t left me much time for arts.

I do plan on scanning in some class doodles, I have a couple of little commissions on the go and I’ll be doing some sketch cards for the new Star wars Galaxy 5 set (But no base card this time) only because I get the cards on my xmas break 😀

Don’t you guys worry, I’ll be doing some more art for sure and my 501st helmet is coming along nicely.

Just thought I’d give y’all a little life update. Once all is said and done and I get all my work/play time sussed out you will see more in the way of arts.

One response to “The reason for the lack of updates of late!

  1. Hey there. I was just browsing your site. I met you briefly at the Calgary Comic Expo last year, and I really like your work. So how come the career change? It looks like you’ll still be doing it on the side part-time,… is there just not enough full-time work? Sounds like the new career is gonna be a lot of work in itself,.. good luck!