Original Art for Sale

Hi guys and gals! I have several choice pieces of art for sale.

As a carrot, all original art listed here will be shipped with goodies like postcards and bookmarks.

The first is my original art for the Star Wars Galaxy trading card.

I am asking $500 USD. The original is 11×14, watercolour on archival, acid free watercolour paper.

Night of the Red Ghost

Other art for sale:

All of my originals from the ‘Castaways of Endor’ article on starwars.com. Marker and ink on acid free bristol, varying sizes on 9×12 paper:

Duloks – $100
Teebo, Malani and the Wisties (markers + acrylic)- $100
Gupins – $100
Phlog (smaller than the rest, about 7×9) – $75
Jindas – $100

Original art from my wildcats card deck. About 4×6 – $70 Watercolour

If you’re interested in buying, contact me, comment, send an email to amy@flyingarmadillo.com

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