Monthly Archives: September 2009

Clone Wars Wide Screen

Good news! I’m going to be producing 53 cards for the Clone Wars Wide Screen set.

The deadline is short, but it shall be done. 😀

Also, check out my cutey commissions gallery. I’ve been doing these to pass the time.

Here’s one of the new ones:

Luke and Yoda PSC

I was recently commissioned to draw Yoda and Luke from Empire Strikes Back. I’ve been having fun with markers, but I decided to break out the watercolours. I miss the softer look.



Original Art for Sale

Hi guys and gals! I have several choice pieces of art for sale.

As a carrot, all original art listed here will be shipped with goodies like postcards and bookmarks.

The first is my original art for the Star Wars Galaxy trading card.

I am asking $500 USD. The original is 11×14, watercolour on archival, acid free watercolour paper.

Night of the Red Ghost

Other art for sale:

All of my originals from the ‘Castaways of Endor’ article on Marker and ink on acid free bristol, varying sizes on 9×12 paper:

Duloks – $100
Teebo, Malani and the Wisties (markers + acrylic)- $100
Gupins – $100
Phlog (smaller than the rest, about 7×9) – $75
Jindas – $100

Original art from my wildcats card deck. About 4×6 – $70 Watercolour

If you’re interested in buying, contact me, comment, send an email to