Monthly Archives: August 2009

Doctor Who Big Blank Commissions!

Now that I am all settled down in my new place, I am offering commissions on my Doctor Who Big Screen blanks.

$100 each, full colour, including shipping. I’ll draw Daleks! Doctors! Whatever!

Below are some samples of some of the cards in the set. Any card I do on commission will, of course, be much more polished than these ones.



Contact me or comment if you are interested in snagging one of my returns.

There will be art!

I have relocated successfully to Sudbury, Ontario and I’ve got a bunch of new art I can post, including a 30 card sketch card commission that I finished shortly before I left the left coast.

I haven’t been doing much drawing lately, what with moving and packing, but I’d like to let you all know that I am open for a few commissions so hit me up!

Oh, OK, because I feel guilty not posting some art, here is one of the commissions. I didn’t post it in a previous post, so here ’tis now!