Monthly Archives: June 2009

Doctor Who and Sketch Cards, oh my!

A quick little note. Due to a large PSC commission and something relating to Doctor Who (I have already drawn a dozen Daleks) I’m on a commission Hiatus.

I have some other awesome news – I’m going back to college in September to study Medical Lab Technology. Some of you may be going ‘What?’ but, believe me, clinical microbiology is actually one of my dream jobs (I’m not kidding either). I have a biology degree.

I will still be doing artwork and opening for commissions now and again, but I am really looking forward to this exciting life change.

Oh, and as soon as I scan some of these personal sketch cards I’ll post them.

Rawr. Sock Monster.

I don’t have an art update, but I thought I’d share with you my recent knitting work in progress. It is a very basic sock. Upon turning the heel and finishing the gusset, I thought it looked kind of monstery.

So here you go. Monster sock.. of dooom.


Custom sketch cards ahoy!

I recently got a bunch of large commissions for personal sketch cards, and I have added them to the custom sketch card gallery.

Here are a few of them to whet your appetite!