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Knit Mushroom Rattle

I have been working on a lot of commissions, but also I’ve been knitting. I knit this little mushroom for one of the friends and family having babies this year. I will be knitting more! Yarn, stuffing and a cat toy 😀

Stuff For Sale!

BookmarksGood news everyone, I’ve got some leftovers from my con season for sale. Prices do not include shipping except for the sketchbook

  • Bookmarks: $1 each or both for $1.75
  • Postcards: $1 each
  • Magnets: 75¢ each (Only 3 polar bear, 1 night elf moonkin and 2 Tauren Moonkin Left!)
  • Stickers: 25¢ each or all four for 75¢
  • Charms: $5 each
  • 2008 Convention Sketch Book: $9 – Includes a Sketch and shipping of everything else in your order, except charms –  add $2 if you order a charm.

All Prices in USD. For everything except a charm or sketchbook, please add $1.50 shipping US/Canada or $2.50 International. Charm shipping is $4 US/Canada, $6 international and includes everything else in your order.

Comment or send me an email if you’d like something.

Photos of everything else behind the cut!

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Purple Otter of DOOM

I created this piece for the QuickDraw fundraiser st the Penticton Art Gallery. I also drew some mountain goats and an Ogopogo, but sadly didn’t get scans.

So here is a purple otter!


Speaking of art, once I get through some commissions I’m just starting up I’ll start doing more sketches. In fact, I have a ton of old sketches I can scan!

I’m thinking of running a donation drive. For every dollar donated, I’ll scan a previously unscanned sketch.

An art post for you all!

I’ll have more soon, including unearthing the previously unscanned sketches. OoOooOo!

This Harold was originally going to be part of my site design, but I decided that simple was better. He lives on as an illustration instead: