Monthly Archives: April 2009

Had a great time in Calgary!

I’m planning on uploading some photos and art soon. I had an awesome time and I’d like to thank everyone who came by my table to say hello!

I *do* still have some stuff for sale – postcards, magnets and stickers and prints (oh my!) which I will be posting on my store page within the next couple of weeks.

I hope to see all you Calgary folks again next year!


CCEE wrapup

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table to say Hi, get your Art Book signed or to buy stuff. My ‘How to Draw Star Wars’ panel was a success, even with an unexpected, yet awesome interruption.

I was made an honourary member of the 501st legion today, it was awesome! This photo is from after the fact, but I have some others coming, I’ve been told.


Thanks to everyone 😀

I am in Cowtown

Hello everybody, I am in Calgary and I’ll be heading to the Stampede grounds to set up soon. I’m sure I’ll have some photos.

If you’re in Calgary, I highly recommend Bumpy’s Cafe for breakfast. That was one awesome breakfast panini!

Moonkins and Calgary

Before I head off to Calgary, I thought Id share this. I drew some moonkins in my sketchbook and thought they’d make great bookmarks, so I have bookmarks of these guys for Calgary Comic Expo.



Now I need to do some stuff before I hit the road. Hope to see some of you in Calgary!

Finally! A new site

Now that I have WordPress tamed, here’s an official welcome to the new site!

This coming weekend I’ll be appearing at Calgary Comic Expo – look for me at table A19. I’ll have lots of goodies to sell, including these awesome postcards:


And I’ll also have some awesome little Ewok and Dragon charms for $5 each (Cat hair not included):


Because this was lost when I moved the old site, I will be participating in the 501st TK project and making an awesome helmet for charity.

To find out more, visit the 501st TK blog 🙂 Welcome to the new site! I hope you like it!